Treasurer/Public Trustee

Treasurer / Public Trustee


Lori Ehmke - Elected in 2022

Deputy Treasurer and Deputy Public Trustee - Leanne Sloan

315 Cedar St Ste 210

Julesburg, CO 80737


Fax: 970-474-3507



The County Treasurer is responsible for mailing Property Tax Statements to the owner of record, collecting property taxes, and disbursing monies collected to the appropriate taxing authorities (school districts, cities/towns, the county, special districts, etc.)  Other duties of the Treasurer include receiving all funds sent to Sedgwick County, maintaining correct and proper accounting of such funds, and the distribution of those funds to the proper taxing authorities.  As custodian of the County funds, the Treasurer shall safely invest excess funds keeping liquidity and yield in mind.  A tax sale shall be held each November to enforce collection of all delinquent taxes.

The Treasurer also serves as Public Trustee.  The Public Trustee shall process a foreclosure or shall release deeds of trust when requested by the beneficiary or legal holder of indebtedness.  Information on any sale may be obtained by calling the Public Trustee’s office.