Important Dates

Notices of Valuations For:

Real Property are mailed out – On or before May 1

Protest Period to Assessor - May 1 through June 1

Notices of Valuations For:

Personal Property are mailed out - June 15

Protest Period to Assessor - June 15 through June 30

Application for:

Disabled Veterans Exemption - July 1

Senior Citizen Exemption - on or before July 15

(If you have applied previously and nothing about your property has changed, you do not need to reapply)

Other Dates

Personal Property, Earth &, Stone Products and Oil &, Gas Declarations – By April 15

Notices of Determinations Are Mailed Out - June 30

Protest Period to County Board of Equalization - June 30 through July 15

General Property Reappraisals Occur Every Two Years

The next reappraisal - 2025