Marriage Licenses

A license to marry in the State of Colorado may be obtained at the Sedgwick County Clerk & Recorder's office during regular business hours. The license is valid upon receipt and must be used in Colorado within 35 days. The signed license must be returned back to our office within 63 days for recording. Failure to return license within 63 days will be assessed a $20 late fee and an additional $5 late fee per day may be assessed up to $50. Marriage License fees are $30.

Marriage License Application Form

Guidelines for Obtaining Marriage Licenses in Colorado

Age Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older no parent consent needed
  • 16 or 17 years of age requires parental consent from both parents, parent having legal custody, legal guardian, or judicial approval required.
  • Under 16 years of age requires same consent as above plus judicial approval.
  • Parental Consent Form

ID Requirements

  • US Drivers License or Permit
  • US State Issued ID
  • US Military ID
  • Passport (With certified English language translation if non-English)
  • Birth Certificate (Presenting a birth certificate as proof of age and/or identity requires some form of photo ID)

Social Security numbers are required on marriage license applications.

If the either party does not have a social security number they will be required to fill out an SSN Affidavit for ML  to accompany the marriage license application.


  • Both parties must complete and sign the marriage application form. At least one party must be present to apply for the marriage license. If one of the parties is unable to be present, they must complete a Marriage License Absentee Affidavit with a notarized signature and a copy of their identification.
  • If either party has been previously divorced, they are required to provide the date, city and state, and type of court of the divorce.
  • A couple already married, who wish to renew their vows, may obtain a marriage license by stating they are married to each other.
  • Applicants for a marriage license do not need to be Colorado residents.

Who can perform a marriage

  • Judges
  • Retired Judges
  • Magistrates
  • Public officials authorized to perform marriages, or in accordance with any mode of solemnization recognized by a religious denomination or Indian Tribe or nation.
  • Self Solemnization (Couple marries themselves)

Prohibited Marriages

  • Couple may not marry if one of the parties is still married (All divorces must be final)
  • A marriage between an ancestor and descendant, brother and sister, uncle and niece, or aunt and nephew, whether the relationship is by half or whole blood

Marriage between first cousins, whether the relationship is by half or whole blood is permitted in Colorado.