Sedgwick County Clerk & Recorder

315 Cedar St Ste 220

Julesburg, CO 80737





The recording department is responsible for processing and preserving documents presented for recording as public record. All records are open to the public and certified copies of any document of record are available for a fee. Records include real estate, UCC, military discharges, plats, surveys, marriage licenses and miscellaneous documents.

Please Note: We are required by law to record any document that comes into our office. We are not required to check them for mistakes prior to recording.

Please Note: While the Recording Department will record any document presented by a customer, customers should understand that simply recording a document does not confer legality or authenticity on the document. 

You may submit your documents electronically with Simplifile.comCSC INGEO, or eRecording Partners Network

Online Indexing Search

You can search through our recording indexing at theCountyRecorder.com. Documents recorded from August 1973 and forward are on there.  You may also order copies of documents through them and set up subscription plans.

Historical documents before August 1973 can be viewed and searched at http://gov.arcasearch.com/uscosed/

Recording fees are statutory established and all fees will be collected at the time of recording the document. In order for documents to be recorded promptly, please make sure fees are correct and accurate. All documents received with insufficient fees will be returned.

  • Fees are $13.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each additional page pertaining to the document.
  • Documents that transfer title with consideration exceeding $500.00 will be assessed a state documentary fee of 0.01 cent per $100.00.
  • UCC Document Fees are $13 for 1 or 2 pages and $18 for 3 or more pages.
  • Recorded survey Plats are $13 for first page, $10 for any additional pages.
  • Deposited Plats are $20.
  • Copies are $0.25 per page.  Certified fee is $1 per document.

  • Documents to be recorded must have minimum margins of 1 inch at the top of the page and at least ½ inch at the left, right and bottom of the page. This applies to all pages of the document. These margins need to be clear of any markings.

  • All documents must include an accurate, complete name and address for us to return the original documents to after recording.

  • All documents received prior to 1:00 pm will be recorded the same business day. Anything received after 1:00 pm will be recorded prior to 5:00 pm of the next business day.

  • Documents needing to be recorded in a certain order must have instructions to that effect included.